We are pleased to announce the spin-off of our technology related services, Array Technology, LLC, from our core loan sale advisory business.

When FFN needed data extracted from thousands of documents coming from multiple sources, its innovation and technology team developed proprietary software which images, imports, indexes, organizes and compares documents and data.  The resulting technology saved the company hundreds of hours of labor and potential data entry mistakes. FFN determined other industries could use the technology offerings.

It’s ridiculous to expect highly trained professionals to reenter data and manually name documents, yet there wasn’t this type of technology on the market. The strategic separation of our advisory and technology areas will allow each to optimize their business goals and be well positioned to deliver growth in the future. The decision to spin-off Array was possible due to our success in growing FFN over the past 25 years.

Array Technology (www.arraytechnology.com) has a patented solution called Constellation™ and is actively developing a suite of other technology solutions to better manage high volumes of documents and data.  Array is marketing Constellation as a customizable solution for data and document organization challenges for financial institutions, special servicers, governmental entities, law firms, litigation support groups and other industries.

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Lost in Loss Share?

Merrie Duncan —  December 4, 2014

We are proud to report that FFN has completed the sale of FDIC loss-share loans under Article IV on behalf of a regional bank. The broadly marketed loan sale consisted of approximately $20 million of performing and non-performing loans acquired by a regional bank in 2009.  The loans were offered on an individual basis and were secured by both commercial and residential collateral properties located primarily in Alabama.

Selling these types of assets through the FFN platform allows banks to reduce the volume and number of loans before the agreement expires, reduces concentration risk, servicing and compliance costs and potentially alleviates the need for further write-downs after the reimbursement period.

First Financial Network sold billions in loss-share loans after the S&L Crises in the late 90s. In addition, we have a long-term relationship with FDIC and currently serve as its financial advisor for the valuation, marketing and sale of loans. These unique experiences allow us to provide a depth of understanding regarding the valuation and sale of loans covered by FDIC loss-share that is not otherwise available in the marketplace today.

To learn more about the sale of loss-share loans, please contact Merrie Duncan at mduncan@ffncorp.com.


OKLAHOMA CITY — There was creativity, craziness and creepiness in the air on the banks of Lake Hefner this Halloween.
The team at First Financial Network filled its Oklahoma City office with an odd assortment of costumed characters on Thursday, with everything from band members to pirates, witches to a friendly face from Duck Dynasty. The team got together for a group photo (above), while Bliss and John Morris posed in their costumes (below).
A costume contest was held (the winners were Shelia Moschak and Neil Steimer) as part of the team’s annual party.


In striving to create more marketplace attention than single one-off trades or small portfolio sales, First Financial Network has launched the Quarterly Sale Event.  Through this event, sellers receive the benefit of broad marketing, verified buyers, sound legal framework and a secure platform.

FFN’s Quarterly Sale Event was designed to simplify the loan sale process for sellers. Loans of all sizes and collateral types are accepted in this sales format. After signing a standard Confidentiality Agreement and Engagement Agreement, sellers upload loan data and imaged loan documentation for processing.

FFN leverages its extensive existing database of more than 10,000 national and local qualified loan buyers and real estate investors to market the Quarterly Sale Event, in addition to advertising it in industry publications. This system ensures each seller receives maximum, broad exposure in a secure process. Privacy is prioritized for sellers through this process. The identity of a financial institution is kept private and confidential and only revealed to qualified buyers after signing a confidentiality agreement. 

Fees are commission only and are based on total sales proceeds. The more you sell through the event, the less the fee.

Buyers are vetted to assess financial strength, industry reputation, past acquisition performance and company validation to ensure each buyer is credible. Registering as a qualified buyer with FFN is free. To review online loan documentation and become a verified buyer, register with FFN online by providing basic information and references regarding your past loan and real estate purchase experience.

For more information on getting started in the Loan Sale Event as a buyer or seller, please contact our Event Team at (800) 245-8695 at IR@ffncorp.com.

The first time I remember hearing the term “The Heartland” was after the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995. Maybe I had heard it before and it just didn’t hit home. The Heartland means resilient people who truly care for one another in the midst of tragedy and great suffering — caring beyond political views, religious beliefs, social status, race, or anything else that makes us different.

I was born and raised in Kansas, but Oklahoma is my home. In all my travels I have been asked many times “Why do you live in Oklahoma?”

After all, it is in the middle of our country, the earth is red and the land is mostly flat, but the people we call Okies are truly the salt of the earth. John and I met here and our four children were raised in Oklahoma City. There are more beautiful places on earth and more cosmopolitan cities offering all one would ever want, but the vast sunsets in Oklahoma are washed with colors only imaginable when one thinks of paradise.

On May 20, not only did the landscape change, but many American’s lives were changed forever. In an instant, just over 16 minutes, life changed for many Oklahomans. Mothers and fathers lost their children, husbands lost their wives, children lost their parents, wives lost their husbands. Grandparents, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunts, and cousins were all taken from their earthly homes.

This afternoon we went to Moore to see with our own eyes what had really happened in our community. There is complete devastation from the point the tornado touched down and began its journey through the bedroom suburb, with no regard for what was in its path.

We set up a website on May 21, responding to so many requests from our friends asking how they could help. Over the past six days, our clients and friends have donated almost $6,500 to help those so deeply in need at this time.

Thank you. Thank you deeply. This reminds me of a word we probably don’t think of often enough – Humankind. This word describes us as humans being thoughtful, concerned, giving and kind to others during the most difficult times of our lives. None of us make it through this life unscathed and we need others to see us through to the next sunrise and sunset.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity, prayers and concern.



Oklahoma has always been home to First Financial Network, since our founding in 1989. We have grown our business here, raised our families and made friends for a lifetime. On Monday, we saw the spirit of this great state tested once again with the horrible tornado that swept through the Oklahoma City suburb of Moore.

We at First Financial Network have been touched by this life-changing event and our thoughts and prayers are with everyone impacted.

And like the generations before, our pioneer spirit is being reflected through the tireless efforts of people doing all they can to help.

Since so many have reached out to us offering assistance, we have created a website (http://www.crowdrise.com/ffnoklahomatornadorelief/fundraiser/ffnoktornadorelief) where you can donate to support those in need.

We appreciate your many expressions of concern and invite you to join us in helping the many families affected by this tragedy.

First Financial Network has always been a pioneer in the loan sale advisory business and – after 25 years in the business – we have some things to say about the industry.

Welcome to our new blog, Follow Bliss, where First Financial will speak out about the changes we see in the industry.

There have been many changes since our early days performing large public outcry auctions on behalf of the Resolution Trust Corporation. Changes have been astounding – from closed rural banks full of boxes to robust virtual data rooms, from a handshake to stringent investor vetting processes and OFAC checks, from outcry auctions in large ballrooms to online bid platforms, from non-performing loans to distressed assets.

Yes, as the industry has evolved, so have we. But change is good!

The loan sale advisory services industry is finding itself working at a faster pace with more and more competition. What that means for both industry professionals and companies like First Financial Network is more opportunity to differentiate how you do business. As I have outlined before, with more folks in the loan advisory business, it is critically important to keep customers – both buyers and sellers – informed about best practices.

First Financial is preparing to do just that with a concerted, consistent effort across new digital platforms.

Starting today, First Financial will also be reaching out through social media, on sites like Twitter and Facebook, to inform key stakeholders every day about news everyone in loan sales should know about.

We feel this outreach is an extension of First Financial Network’s natural leadership in the business. Just as it takes years of experience to properly execute loan sale transactions in a volatile marketplace, our experience also informs leadership in which content, news and opinion is important to our customers, clients and those watching the industry.

When First Financial was established in 1989 as the first loan sale advisory firm in the country, social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn didn’t even exist, but neither did the financial climate and increasing loan volume that we see today.

It’s important that we leverage the knowledge we have gained in the decades since to assist our current and potential clients as best we can.  We feel this is a strong, leading step in the right direction.

We invite you to follow us. To learn more, bookmark this page.

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